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Heng Cheng Electronics Technology(HongKong)Co.,Ltd. founded in 2009, which is a professional authorized INNOLUX LCD display agent, We are specialized in the main products of 2.4",3.2",3.5", 4.3", 5.0'',5 ", 5.6", 6.2'',6.5'',7 ", 8",8.9'', 9 ", 10.1", 10.2 ",10.4" size etc. INNOLUX LCD display, which are widely used in automotive, industrial control,security, bank, securities, medical instruments, monitoring, instrumentation,industrial automation and other industries ...

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INNOLUX LCD professional agent, To give you a most reliable quality assurance.

Our company is engaged in the LCD area for many years, The main business scope is range from 2.4-15.6 inches that widely used in various fields, and provide customers with professional;Perfect LCD display solutions, assist customers greatly reduce the threshold of design and development costs.

With advanced technology,Continuous innovation & improvement!

Continuous new product development, quality assurance, a wide range of sales channels and after-sales; High professional quality of technology research and development team .The overall demands that in LCDs are capable to request .

Designated After-sales service center, Service-oriented, Integrity protection!

With a perfectly after-sales and professional maintenance team, there are a large number of professional and technical personnel, to provide convenient and quick after-sale service to our customers. Solution in place at any time and effectively solve your problems.

Excellent service ,To satisfy customization requires.

We could help you to fins best solution for LCD customization. It’s based on the principle of wholeheartedly, honest and trustworthy, to provide customers with high quality professional custom service. We sincerely looking forward to cooperate with your company to achieve a win-win situation.

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