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Company profile
Heng Cheng Electronics Technology(HongKong)Co.,Ltd. founded in 2009, which is a professional authorized INNOLUX LCD
display  agent, We are specialized in the main products of 2.4",3.2",3.5", 4.3", 5.0'',5 ", 5.6", 6.2'',6.5'',7 ", 8",8.9'', 9 ", 10.1", 
10.2 ",10.4" size etc. INNOLUX LCD display, which are widely used in automotive, industrial control,security, bank, securities, 
medical instruments, monitoring, instrumentation,industrial automation and other industries. At the same time to provide
professional, perfect solution for customers, It's to help customers reduce the design and development cost significantly.
Our service subject: Original A grade INNOLUX LCD display supply ;Customized LCD screen in accordance
with the requirements of customer project development;Specializing in the development of touch-screen
solution;Provide perfect configuration of the driver board and other services etc.
Our mission  : To be the leading and most trusted provider of quality professional LCDs  worldwide,
We believe that we will do better with your support.
Our commitment :“Quality supreme, service  priority ,  wholeheartedly for customer satisfaction”
Our company has always been adhering to the "quality first, customer first" business purpose,
With excellent quality of the LCD screen and professional after-sale team strength; exquisite
technology and research and development service, Ensure customers in the electronic
era of high-speed road gallop unimpeded.
Since our company established ,we have supplied LCDS to the global and well received ,
Over the years, our company relies on high-quality LCD products, first-class service, low
price to win the trust and favor of customers at home and abroad, make our LCD products
throughout the domestic and overseas! In the future, we will be with you hand in hand to
create, diligently enterprising, with more high quality and efficient products and services
to give back to customers!


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