Optical OCA Bonding

OCA bonding is the full lamination of cover lens or touch panel to TFT LCDs. It is one of the technologies that fully bonding The LCM and touch panels or cover glass together by solid transparent optical clear adhesive or liquid transparent optical adhesive. Comparing with the traditional air/DST bonding, OCA bonding could well eliminate the air gap between LCM and touch panel or cover lens.


DST Air Bonding VS Optical OCA BondingOCA vs DST Air Bonding


Benefits of Optical OCA Bonding

1)Enhancing the display performance.The interlayer reflection is lower by OCA bonding technology. Therefore it could reduce the interference of ambient light reflection and increase the LCM light transmittance. The images contrast ratio would be strengthen accordingly as well.


2)By the full lamination OCA bonding, it eliminates the air gap between cover lens or touch panel and the TFT LCD displays. Therefore no dust or moisture would appear inside the air gap. Dust among the gap is the most common drawback for DST air bonding method. OCA bonding could perfectly avoid the issue and improve the user experience greatly.


3)The integraty of the assembled display by OCA bonding ensures the durability and ruggedness.


4)Optical OCA bonding technology ensures the structural integrity, design flexibility, and functional and aesthetic properties, etc


As optical OCA bonding technology has evolved into the mainstream. More and more electronic devices now are adtoping OCA bonding of protective cover glass or touch panel. And the bonding process is being employed on larger screens (touch and cover glass) in a wider range of applications, including medical devices, point of sale terminal, GPS system, industrial control applications, automotive displays, vehicle testing devices, etc.


Hengcheng Electronics obtains ISO13485 Certification.

ISO13485 certificate,medical touch screen&touch display solution

How to Choose the TFT LCD Displays for Charging Piles

With the popularization of electric cars, electric car charging piles will become the focus of the development in the automobile industry and energy industry. Charging piles could be used for charging various types of electric cars. and these usually are fixed outdoors. Such as on the ground or wall and installed in public buildings, residential parking lots or public electric car charging stations and etc. So how to choose the TFT LCD displays for charging piles would be very important.

“All-Black" Effect OCA Bonding

All black display effect in TFT LCD module circle is a new&trending technology, which uses a kind of special OCA glue on cover lens to do CTP assembly work. It makes the whole surface of the display unit uniformly black when the display is off and provides excellent viewing experience.

Raspberry Pi Display Series: TFT LCD Touch Screen with HDMI Interface

Raspberry Pi has been quite popular worldwide as a micro computing board for learning, computing, creating embedded projects and etc. A raspberry pi board with a display unit, a keyboard and a mouse is totally a tiny desktop computer for users. It makes computing affordable and convenient for all users.

Camera Monitor System Digital Mirror HTC-CMS

In recent years, digital mirrors are gradually starting applying in commercial vehicles, replacing the side mirrors. The digital mirror system is know as CMS(Camera Monitor System). It uses cameras and displays instead of traditional side mirrors. With two interior display monitors and two cameras mounted on either side, the driver of commercial vehicle could fully and fastly capture the situations around the vehicles. And the wide angle cameras covers the whole area in front as well as in the two sides of the vehicle, which the traditional mirror cannot demonstrate. The system improves drivers visual range and reduces the blind spot.