Smart Home

Home and building automation symbolizes the modernization of building management system. The biggest smart home automation trends are happening now. The progress of the Internet of Things in smart home has even made our life easier to communicate with all the smart appliances, like air conditioner, refrigerator, lighting, thermostats and etc. As the part of human machine interface, TFT LCD touch screens are playing a growing part in the smart home system.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics refers to devices used for communication, entertainment, or information purposes. From smart watch, wearable devices, smartphones, PCs, tablets, video players, to game consoles and etc, they are closely related to our daily life. The size of TFT LCDs applied in consumer electronics covers a very wide range. Since the industry of consumer electronics is extremely competitive, the cost of the TFT LCDs sometimes would be the first factor to be considered.

Medical Equipment

Medical display is the essential part in the healthcare system as the technology develops. They could be divided to three categories according to the purpose, the display as part of life saving devices, informative type and display for imaging device. The need for different types of high-performing display varies.


Industrial environments are usually more harsh than normal environment. And the equipment in industrial environments would be exposed to more extreme conditions. How to make your equipment withstand the challenging environment? For sure, a robust industrial display would be necessary for your equipment.


With the ongoing developments in automotive systems, the average size of automotive displays is increasing and more displays are applied interiors the vehicles. No matter how it evolves, the performance and reliability are always the two key words of automotive display.