Hengcheng Electronics obtains ISO13485 Certification.

Hengcheng Electronics obtains ISO 13485 Certification.


 Recently, Hengcheng Electronics successfully obtained the ISO13485 certification for medical device quality management system , which is a new progress made by Hengcheng Electronics in the process of improving the company's comprehensive strength.


The ISO 13485 is designed to be used by organizations involved in the design, production, installation and servicing of medical devices and related services. To earn ISO 13485 certification, companies must implement and document strict quality management processes in aspects such as product development, production, employee training and material procurement. Once approved to these standards,on the one hand the company has the ability to consistently meet customers requirements and services for these devices, and on the other hand it also means that the company also has certain capabilities to manufacture higher quality medical TFT LCD screens and touch screen.   


As a custom lcd display manufacturer,we could offer you a wide range of medical touch screen&touch display solution from 3.5,4.3,7,8,910.1,12.3,15.6,21.5 touch screen with driver board.  


All our products are compliant with technical standards of EN 55032:2015+A1:2020+A11:2020

EN 55035:2017+A11:2020

EN IEC 62368-1:2020+A11:2020

IEC 62321-3-1:2013

IEC 62321-4:2013+AMD1:2017

IEC 62321-5:2013

IEC 62321-6:2015

IEC 62321-7-1:2015

IEC 62321-7-2:2017

IEC 62321-8:2017

to facility your end-customer to apply relevant certificate.


For Medical LCD Display Screen,besides the standard configuration,we could also offer lcd display with square pixel for your special needs for Medical devices.


Hengcheng Electronics provides air bonding and optical bonding for your medical touch screen and integrates PWM,HDMI,USB connector for your driver board unit.

For the touch panel part,3A treatment(anti-finger,anti-glare,anti-reflective coating) are available and touch function over 5mm thick cover glass achieved through EETI driver IC.


For example, 10.4inch lcd panel is a typical TFT LCD Display for Medical Device with 1024*768 resolution,it offers full viewing angle with IPS technology,its aspect ratio 4:3 is quite common for medial display.

At the same time,the 10.4 inch medical lcd display supports the connection of multiple expansion interfaces and functional modules, and can be flexibly configured and upgraded according to actual needs to meet the specific needs of different medical equipment.

So this 10.4 lcd display is widely used for patient monitor and infusion pump.


In the development stage of smart medical care and 5G communications, Hengcheng Electronics will actively leverage its strengths and contribute to the development of the medical industry.




Hengcheng Electronics obtains ISO13485 Certification.

ISO13485 certificate,medical touch screen&touch display solution

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