Exhibition: Embedded World 2024, Germany (April 9th ~April 11th, 2024)

Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany is one of the most important annual events in the embedded system industry and the largest embedded exhibition in the world,  which will be held at NürnbergMesse Exhibition Centre in Nuremberg, Germany, from April 9 through 11. Since its inception, it has provided a professional communication platform for a wide range of professionals in the global mobile system and embedded system industry, enabling them to appreciate the latest successful development of embedded products and systems.

As one of the leading suppliers of display solutions provider & manufacturer, Hetech will showcase a range of products at the exhibition, including TFT LCD displays, touch panels, driving boards and other related accessories. Welcome new friends and old customers to communicate with us to discuss the latest technology and solutions about LCD display.

Our professional team is working hard to prepare for the exhibition and is committed to providing a first-class experience for our visitors. Looking forward to an interesting collision of ideas! See you in Nuremberg!


Hengcheng Electronics obtains ISO13485 Certification.

ISO13485 certificate,medical touch screen&touch display solution

How to Choose the TFT LCD Displays for Charging Piles

With the popularization of electric cars, electric car charging piles will become the focus of the development in the automobile industry and energy industry. Charging piles could be used for charging various types of electric cars. and these usually are fixed outdoors. Such as on the ground or wall and installed in public buildings, residential parking lots or public electric car charging stations and etc. So how to choose the TFT LCD displays for charging piles would be very important.

“All-Black" Effect OCA Bonding

All black display effect in TFT LCD module circle is a new&trending technology, which uses a kind of special OCA glue on cover lens to do CTP assembly work. It makes the whole surface of the display unit uniformly black when the display is off and provides excellent viewing experience.

Raspberry Pi Display Series: TFT LCD Touch Screen with HDMI Interface

Raspberry Pi has been quite popular worldwide as a micro computing board for learning, computing, creating embedded projects and etc. A raspberry pi board with a display unit, a keyboard and a mouse is totally a tiny desktop computer for users. It makes computing affordable and convenient for all users.

Camera Monitor System Digital Mirror HTC-CMS

In recent years, digital mirrors are gradually starting applying in commercial vehicles, replacing the side mirrors. The digital mirror system is know as CMS(Camera Monitor System). It uses cameras and displays instead of traditional side mirrors. With two interior display monitors and two cameras mounted on either side, the driver of commercial vehicle could fully and fastly capture the situations around the vehicles. And the wide angle cameras covers the whole area in front as well as in the two sides of the vehicle, which the traditional mirror cannot demonstrate. The system improves drivers visual range and reduces the blind spot.